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A Look Inside a Photographer’s Bag

If you’ve seen me around, chances are I’ve had a camera in hand and a bag on my back. So if you have ever thought, “I wonder what else she has in there” or “why does she needs all those lenses??” then today’s your lucky day. (I bet no one has thought that, but I’m sharing this anyway).


I have the Canon 5D mark4. It is a beautiful camera but I do believe that the gear doesn’t make the photographer! I went through 2 years at CIT with an entry level, cropped sensor camera and I did just fine.


100mm – My first ever prime lens (and lens that wasn’t just out of the kit). I got this because I noticed I really enjoyed shooting close up portraiture, which then got me into beauty photography.

This lens also has a macro function, which means you can photograph subjects really close up and still get all the details (or super small bugs if you’re into that).

Shot with 100mm, 2.8

16-35mm – The wide range on this lens makes it great for events, real estate, and anything that needs a bit ‘more’. I like to take this to events to get a wider view, and for those really big group photos that always get requested.

16-35mm, 2.8

35mm – A fantastic artsy lens. I got this because I noticed my fashion photography was evolving into something different. I liked to do wider shots and get the whole scene in, and loved the ‘quirky’, almost distorted element to it. The aperture goes down to 1.4 so if you love a good bokeh, it is great for that too!

35mm, 1.4

24-70mm – Some of my favourite fashion photographer’s shoot with this lens, so after testing it out, I decided to make the investment and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done! My photography has evolved immensely with this stunning portrait lens. I use this for pretty much everything now as it is super versatile. The bokeh at 70mm is quite nice on this one too.

24-70 | Left around 24mm | Right 70mm


Just a few little pieces that bring my kit together: Speedlite, reflector (5 ways), spare everything i.e. batteries, cards, and even more batteries!!

Any questions? Send them my way.

Simona x


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