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Behind the Scenes at a Fashion Shoot

For today’s blog I want to share some thoughts on how I work, and a few behind the scenes images on a typical photoshoot with me in the hopes that I will inspire someone. Some things might surprise you; other things might be very expected!

Also, read to the end and you will find a nice surprise by my fave videographer, Mel.


So… sometimes I like to wing my photoshoots. I can find a nice location and be inspired enough with it that I don’t have to really plan anything else. In this case, I saw the location, could picture that I wanted block colours in the styling, and went with it. I didn’t overthink it.


I have worked with Emily (she is an amazingggg makeup artist) before so I had total faith in her abilities and vision. Of course, I provided the entire team with a mood board prior to the shoot, but I didn’t include any makeup examples. I wanted her to take inspiration from our location and the clothes. And I was right to leave it up to her – she nailed it!


I’ll be the first to admit that I never get a hair stylist on board. I’m not saying that doing hair is easy (I’m the worst of all time) rather, I like to apply the KISS principle to my shoots. A hair stylist means one more chef in the kitchen, and more time spent doing touch ups (and less time actually photographing).


Unless it’s a studio shoot, for me it’s all about the location. This is where I get most of my inspiration for my shoots (and from Pinterest of course). How amazing was the location for this shoot!!


It is the most important thing to remember. Play music, joke around, and don’t take the shoot too seriously.

Want to see the final images? Click here to be taken to my online portfolio.



Photographer: Simona Razmoska

Makeup: Emily Mckay

Video: Mel Lalic

Always looking forward to the next one.

Simona x


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