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Central America & The Caribbean 2016


Tropical swimming holes, crazy local route taxis, and Bob Marley on repeat. These are just a few ways to describe Jamaica. Officially in the Caribbean, we were introduced to 'island time'. Meaning no one believes in time schedules! After practising our best haggling skills, the approaching began.

My favourite approach on the street was being offered services like hair braiding from women who were definitely not hairdressers. We settles in quickly, making friends with some travellers and some locals.

Tip: ganja in small doses!



If you're a fan of cheap rum, you will love Cuba. Though, for me it wasn't just their $1 pina colada that I fell in love with. Cuba won my heart through their tasty fresh food, kind people with incredible spirit, jazz clubs, and their infamous cigars.

A week lacking in internet and I couldn't have been happier exploring the city of Havana, visiting Playa del Este (I'm convinced this is the best beach in the world), and riding around in Cadillacs. We took a step back in time to be serenaded in the streets and have my name (Simonita in Spanish) be included in songs and sung to me.



Belize was the ultimate island experience. Here's just a small list of what we got up to on this tiny island:

  • Snorkelled the second largest reef in the world

  • Drank too much rum punch

  • Swung in hammocks for hours

  • All you can eat seafood buffet in a local's backyard, for $10 AUD!

  • Drove golf buggies from one side of the island to the other in an hour (told you it was tiny)

  • Went spelunking in an ancient Mayan cave, and saw a human skeleton



Full of entire cities of ancient Mayan ruins, Guatemala did not disappoint me in my craving for a history fix. We hiked in the jungle with hundreds of mosquitos following, slept in a treehouse, and saw impressive active volcanoes.

We were also fortunate enough to be apart of a homestay program where we spent some time living with a local family in Panajachel. We helped out around the kitchen and even learnt a little of the Mayan language. Sak'ar! (good morning!). But my favourite thing about this country was zip lining in the jungle. A pick up truck drove us to the destination, the views were breathtaking and a smile was plastered on my face for days after.


Check out my video edit from this amazing trip!


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