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DOSE Magazine Spring Campaign

I am so excited to finally release these images! We shot this year’s Dos Emporium Spring Campaign a few months ago and I have been itching to release these!! DOSE now has a brand new magazine in store, their very own seasonal magazine called DOSE Series. The images from this shoot were published in there, I give you a taste of the magazine below, but be sure to pick up your own copy at Dos Emporium.

Our shoot took place at the Old Parliament House in Canberra. We waited until just before sunset to shoot as we wanted more of a soft, golden light. For this shoot I used my Canon 5D mk4, 24-70 lens. Aperture was set to 2.8 throughout the shoot

This rooftop shot in particular has a funny little story behind it. You might guess what that is seeing as I have given away most of it already – I mentioned the shoot was at the Old Parliament House, and as you can see our model is literally standing on a rooftop at our location! Do you know where this is going??

Basically, as we were shooting someone yelled out something to us from the building and we knew we only had like 3 seconds left. We shot as quickly as we could before security came down and told us we “can’t go up there”. It was totally worth it, although I would have loved to of had more time!

Now let’s talk about my absolutely FAVE shot from this series. It happened totally upon accident (as they usually do). We were trying to quickly get this last shot in before the sun went down – it was leaving us quite fast actually. Ivana was just doing some touch ups and I was getting my camera settings right, I snapped a test shot, and out came this…


Model: Ivana Stojanoska

Stylist: Taylor Pitsilos from Designer Op Shop Emporium

Photographer: Simona Razmoska

What do you think of the campaign? Remember to pick up your copy of the magazine at DOS Emporium!

Simona x


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