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Sydney fashion week, for me, means meeting new people and creating valuable connections within the industry – which has become increasingly important since making the move to Sydney.

Fashion week also means letting go and having some fun! Although things have changed since the last time I was here (thanks covid!) the overall buzz and excitement was still alive and well.

I know the title of this journal says “fashion week”, but I really only attended 2 days. Firstly, I didn’t realise I was accepted in until Tuesday morning (good one, Simona), and then uni got in the way of me attending Wednesday & Thursday.


Tuesday was insane. The buzz carried into the second day with so much happening right off the bat. Here’s a list of the highlights:

- Camilla talk (and then I met her)

- Met and photographed the inspired unemployed

- Got into the bar and was served the most delicious food and drinks (truffle chips and cocktails)

- Met loads of people in the industry

- In the media pit for the incredible shows that day

- Met these two adorable little trend-setters


The sadness of fashion week ending was looming in the air. On Friday I..

- Listened to the Commas talk

- Attended the Zimmerman talk

- Watched the off-site Karla Spetic show where I scored myself a goodie bag and missed the shuttle back to Carriageworks (ha!)

- Attended the beautiful Christopher Esber show

- Roamed around backstage

- Scored myself a cool AAFW water bottle

Until next year, AAFW!

Simona x


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