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I had the absolute pleasure of being a guest speaker for CIT’s current photography students. This one was extra special to me because 7 years ago, I was in their exact position. I was a student, listening to guest speakers thinking “will I ever be as ‘successful’ as them?” They asked some really great questions, some that I wish I had answers to when first starting out. Here I answer 3 of the most important topics we discussed

How I went from student to working in the industry

After I completed my bachelor’s degree, I worked hard on starting my business. I actively built a network of like-minded creatives, created a solid portfolio by collaborating with makeup artists, models and stylists, and I created a website and Instagram page so that I could showcase my portfolio. But that wasn’t enough. I sought professional help with how to properly map out a business plan and how to effectively target my audience on social media platforms. It was only after I worked with these specialists in their field that I started to see a real growth in my business.

Why your portfolio is your most important asset

The first thing that potential clients will notice when interacting with your online presence is your portfolio, so make it a solid one! First impressions are crucial and can be the reason someone contacts you or exists your page completely. To build the strongest portfolio you can, first hone down on your niche. Really identify the specific area of photography you want to focus on, and perfect it. To do this, have a think about who your dream clients are and map out what kind of portfolio you need to create in order to get their attention, and then create it. Then you can add your images to all your online touch points. Remember, quality over quantity, always!

Why you should treat your business, like a business

Before having a business plan, I really had no idea what I was doing. My business had no direction, no clear purpose and it didn’t feel like a business at all. Taking time to map out a plan for my business was the best thing I could have done. Through a plan I was able to identify my target audience and figure out where I wanted to sit within the industry. It’s important to show up as a business on social media too. When I did, it helped me immensely in building a rapport, gaining trust, and networking with potential clients.

I hope that was helpful in some way. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

Simona x


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