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MBFW 2016


There was never a dull moment at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Whether it was meeting influential and kind individuals, or fashion divas, it certainly was an educational experience. Proven by the long hours I chose to endure (12+ hours for 5 straight days), I had the most fun learning about and experiencing this intriguing industry first hand. It was exciting and rewarding to attend on site and location shows as an official photographer.

Because of this event I was fortunate enough to meet all sorts of industry types and was given one of very few all area access passes (thanks Miro!). This meant I was able to attend all shows, photograph them via media pit, skip lines, access backstage areas, and have my own desk space where I would edit and upload my images to websites and social medias.

Thanks to my awesome boss, our team would be treated to front row seats when we needed a break from the crazy media pit, being pampered with food, drinks, and gifts. Now, about that media pit. I learned very quickly that it pays to be small, allowing me to squeeze into the tightest of spaces. Side note - media pits are not for the claustrophobic! Because it is extremely crowded, you become very familiar with the people around you. Patience is a must as you could be waiting there for over an hour before the show even begins.

As if this incredible week wasn't enough, after returning home I was surprised to learn that my images had been published in the Sunday Telegraph!




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