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New Year Intentions

Hello!! Welcome back to my blog! This is the first one of 2020 and it’s seriously so hard to believe that it has already been a whole MONTH into this year. It’s been a somber start as we all come to terms with the fires and what’s been happening in the world. In light of this, I have hit a REFRESH button for February and can already feel myself being more productive and less anxious about what’s happening outside of my control. If you have been feeling this way too, I urge you to do the same!

Two things today

The first is a bit of exciting news for me personally and professionally!! Starting this year, I will be splitting my time between Canberra and Sydney! So if you live in Sydney and want to create, I’m setting up some collaboration shoots for February and March. Get in touch via Instagram or email me at

Second, I’m going to treat you with some behind the scenes images from my first fashion campaign of the year. This photoshoot is for Designer Op Shop Emporium’s Autumn Series magazine. I CANNOT wait to share these with you in March!


Anyone else wish they owned a car like that?

Simona x


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