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New Zealand 2018

Kia Ora!

A short trip, but a long time coming. New Zealand was always on my ‘MUST travel to’ list. So when my friend told me I was going to be the photographer at her wedding IN NZ(!!) on her parents’ farm, I jumped at the opportunity to make a holiday out of it.

We stayed north, hired a car, and travelled like an hour from town to town. I loved how close it all was! It meant that we could see more in a shorter period of time.

Visually, we were treated during every drive with not only stunning views, but with my favorite flowers EVER, hydrangeas lining the streets. Also not sure why New Zealand is known for their sheep, we saw a lot more cows than anything else. And while I’m on the subject of national animals… the kiwi is one tricky fella to spot. Meaning that the number of kiwis seen equaled to 0.

Rotorua is known for it’s unique stench. Although I was more left with the memories of activities we got up to like zip lining through the forest and the natural hot springs and mud bath (that we couldn’t wash off for weeks thanks very much).

Other cool things we got up to:

- Hobbiton

- Walked through amazing gardens

- Got to experience Christmas TWICE

- Went through some glow worm caves

- Ate some food made from the ground

- Watched a traditional haka

- Luge rides

- Waterfalls

Until next time, NZ.



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