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Online Photoshoots

Are they the new norm? I hope not!

While it’s been fun playing around by taking photos through the screen, there’s nothing like the buzz of working with a team and being on set. BUT while we are all stuck at home, I have been feeling very creative. I got the idea to do online shoots from Olivia Bossert. It’s definitely put some sort of normality and excitement back into my life.


I’ve tried two different techniques using Zoom.

For the first, I used my camera to take a photo of my laptop screen, and then I crop the image later.

The second technique was simply to screenshot.


Using my camera was definitely a challenge but I really liked the end results. Although it is impossible to avoid static screen lines, you can get away with it. Taking a screenshot of the model didn’t really feel like shooting to me. If the internet connection is bad, the pixilation will really show up, whereas with the camera there’s usually a way to hide it.


I used a 35mm lens to get the whole scene without having to be too far away. If I had a 50mm I would have used that instead. I also used a 100mm for the super close up beauty shots.


You can photograph ANYONE. Literally anyone that has a solid internet connection. It’s pretty great actually. People you would never have thought to work with are now a possibility! Physical distance is no longer an issue if you’re willing to make it work. I’ve done this by reaching out to Jenna, a model from LA!


  • The model needs to move slowly. Bad internet connection or lag can make for a blurry photo.

  • Use a non-reflective monitor!

  • Do the shoot during the day. Your ambient light is just as important as the screen light. And you don’t want the model in the dark.

  • The model should be somewhere well lit, like in front of a window.

  • On the opposite side, the photographer’s screen needs to be away from a window to avoid sun on the monitor.

  • The best platform to use is Zoom. You’re able to enlarge the window and hide yourself out of frame!

  • Tilt the screen slightly to avoid those static (not completely avoidable) lines!

I hope I’ve inspired you in some way. I’d love to see how you’re staying creative.

Simona x


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