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Photoshoot Process – From Start to Finish

Ever wondered what goes on in the planning stage, during and after a fashion photoshoot? In this post I go through my process from start to finish!


Mood board. Pinterest! I love Pinterest. I gather inspiration from there on a daily basis. I usually find one image that really calls out to me, and then find more like it, or more that compliment it. This will then tell me what sort of location I should have. I also add fashion styling inspiration, makeup, poses, and overall vibe images.

Mood board

Team. Once I know the vibe of the shoot, I’ll source my team. On Instagram is where I will usually find a model and makeup artist that suit the look. I’m lucky enough to have one amazing stylist I work with regularly, Taylor from DOS Emporium styles 99% of my shoots.

When. Choosing a date and time to suit everyone can be tough. Sometimes I will work around how I want the images to turn out (dusk shots or not), but more often than not we choose the time of day based on everyone’s availability.

Where. Location scouting is a must as a photographer! I have an entire (secret) Pinterest board dedicated to this. When choosing a location, for me it all comes down to, nature or building…

Camera gear. Which lenses might I need? Reflector? Studio lights? Props?

Confirm. This one’s pretty self-explanatory.


Makeup. Allow 1 hour for makeup.

Background. There are usually a few little backgrounds on location that I want to shoot - this depends on each outfit (average on 3-4 outfits).

Test. I always do some test shots at each outfit change, because what might look good in my mind, may not look good in camera.


1. Upload and backup immediately

2. First cull

3. Second and final cull

4. Small edits in Lightroom

5. Bigger edits in Photoshop (if any)

6. Export

7. Send via Dropbox

fashion photography
Final Image

Now, onto planning the next one.

Simona x


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