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2019 - A Year In Review

As the year and decade come to an end, I look back on my favourite shoots of 2019 and all I have accomplished this year. I believe it’s important to self reflect each year so you can see for yourself just how far you have come in just 12 short months! And of course, to celebrate those achievements!!

So here are just a few of my stats for this past year in business. I had so much fun putting this together, and it was definitely an eye opener to just how big my small business has actually grown this year!

In 2019, Simona Photography had;

96 Photoshoots

29 New clients

15 New art products added to online shop

2 Stores have stock of my art

8 Blogs written

2 Magazines published my images

1 Workshop hosted

3 Out of town shoots

Countless Emails sent


I’ve got to say, our shoot with Nea Zoi by the beach was definitely the highlight of the year for me. I was doing what I loved with amazing people, and it was loads of fun! The photos and memories that came out of this shoot are some of my all time favourites.


Designer: Amalia Stavreas

Styling: Jemma Mrdak

Photography: Simona Razmoska


This was a tough one but I have to say that this is my all time favorite photo! It came out of another favourite shoot with a bunch of talented creatives! The location, makeup, styling, and lighting all came together so perfectly.


Model: Ploy from Haus Models

Makeup: Emily Mckay

Styling: Taylor Pitsilos from Dose

Photography: Simona Razmoska

Happy self-reflecting,

Simona x


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