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First Photoshoot Since Iso

It felt so amazing to be back! To be outside in the fresh air for something other than fitness, to be around a team of creatives, and to be taking photos again of something that wasn’t through a screen!

RIP Facetime shoots. Although they were fun during isolation, nothing beats getting out there for a “normal” shoot.

We laughed heaps during our time together. We had a visit from a creepy man and his dog (we were in a super secluded area and he didn’t say anything when we said hello), AND I made our model Emma work on her abs for the shot!!

Well, not exactly. I explained the pose I was after and it just so happened to be an ab workout. See the image below…

The sunset was beautiful. The cold air was refreshing.


Clothing DOS Emporium

Photographer Simona Razmoska

Stay safe, stay creative.

Simona x


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