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My Home Office

I’m a person who needs a structured day. I need to know when it’s time for work and when its time for play, and during this pandemic things have been no different. I get ready, go to “work” (from my bed to my desk) at 9am and I stop at 5pm. In the real world I usually carry on working until 8 or 9 but this whole thing has taught me that I need to slow down! Anyway, this sort of normality of the 9-5 has really helped me.

My cozy little office space has become my safe haven and where I park myself for most of the day. So I thought I would take you on a short virtual journey of what that looks like for me. And no I don’t usually sit on my desk like this!


Is the best version of my office space.

Computer, crystals, plants, my first ever business card, my current business card, the cover of DOSE Series magazine framed, magazines, books I’m currently reading, and my work journal.


To do lists, vision board, tea, water, snacks, and my comfy AF office chair.

I HAVE to have creative and inspiring stuff around me, otherwise my productivity levels would massively decrease. I like to keep fashion magazines nearby, as well as positive affirmations/ artwork. Like the ones pictured from Dreamy Moons.

I hope you’re all doing well. I’d love to see what working from home looks like for you. Share a pic with me via Instagram!

Stay home, stay safe.

Simona x


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