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U.S.A 2015

San Fran

Amazing hikes, stunning views and the best salmon bagels I've ever eaten! Nothing is considered strange in this city, from high-fiving a husky in a bar to eating a bacon donut and playing on a tyre swing. I resonate so deeply with Tony Bennett's song 'I Left My Heart in San Francisco'.


Los Angeles

Sun, sand, sport, serenity, and the most drool-worthy ice cream cookie sandwiches! When it came to booking accommodation, in this case ignorance was bliss. LA offers a variety of extreme class systems, which I had experienced from staying in one of the most dangerous places (South Central), to hiking the trail to the very top of the mountain to the Hollywood sign




The tropical paradise of a city with the clearest waters and the whitest sand. After spending time at the most spectacular beaches, I was inspired to maintain my beach bum status. Daily activities of a beach bum included: accumulating tonnes of sand in my hair, midnight swimming, skinny dipping, and listening to reggae 24/7.



Some essential to do's:

  • Try the famous deep dish pizza

  • Watch a baseball game

  • Hire a push bike and explore the cities nooks


New York

The city that never sleeps, well and truly never sleeps. The amount of history New York holds and the many questions my brain produced was never ending. Diversity and acceptance oozes from the atmosphere. Whether I was in Bizarre Bar Bushwick Brooklyn watching and contributing to a performance art titled 'The Circus of Dreams', or being filmed unknowingly by TV shows, entertainment was always just around the corner.



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